I’m a writer…. drinker…. misanthrope… wiseass…

Actually, I’m the one topic that I am reluctant to write about, so let’s get back to the bit involving words.  I’m infatuated with creation and fascinated by the wildly assorted processes.  To date, my only paid publication is located right here.  Yes, it’s under a nom de plume because I was being completely bent over by the job market when I wrote it.

Interesting note about the pen name: I assumed the identity of the main character of “… They Got Maxie” a book I’m currently shopping to agents for publication.  It’s unhinged action/adventure fiction, and the best description would be a drunken mashup of the Bourne series and Indiana Jones.

My other book, the one more actively being pimped out to prospective agents, is “Tales of an Urban Pirate.”  It’s a dark, funny, and unapologetic narrative nonfiction piece about working in rent-to-own.  That’s right, I used to be a repo man– a disturbingly good one at that.  These anecdotes, recollections, and situations are 100% real– and shed a light on a section of society that nobody wants to talk about, complete with photos taken for “posterity.”  Think “Dirty Jobs” crossed with “Waiting” but with a whole lot more cockroaches.

So yeah, cheers.  If you have any questions, ask.  Otherwise, enjoy the ride.

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